So remember when thehat2 said they "care very much when our members harass people. We don’t want to be associated with people like that" and invited me to “feel like debating us on any of these points, feel free to do so in the /r/TiADiscussion subreddit.”

Yeah, right now there is a person on their TIADiscussion board, the one I should feel free to go to, who states, and I fucking quote,

We will continue to say what ever we want and not give a fuck. If it gives a SJW “PTSD” and they kill themselves? GOOD! I would be proud if my comment drove a cunt to off-themselves.

Just a reminder in case anyone actually thought thehat2 gave some sort of fuck about being “associated with people like that” or did not tolerate harassment. Their members gloat gleefully about harassment and hope said harassment causes suicide. They shouldn’t be “associated” with people “like that” because they are the people like that.

Hey, how about reporting comments like that next time instead of making passive-aggressive jabs at my character because of dumb shit that people say? I had no idea that was said, and had it been reported to the mods, the fuckhead would’ve been banned earlier.

Also, notice that it’s been pretty well downvoted by the community, and the reply immediately under it is, “Okay, I feel like you’re straying into “fucking crazy” territory.” So much for TiA approving of that kind of mindset, yeah?



☑ Be in a livestream with Totalbiscuit

☐ Be in a livestream with JonTron

What about Mr. Jillette?

I made a movie with Penn. So… sort of achievement?

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☑ Be in a livestream with Totalbiscuit

☐ Be in a livestream with JonTron

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What’s it gonna be, Sammy? Loyalty to yer misson, or loyalty to me, yer ol pal Ridley?

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I’ve been spending less time on Tumblr, and I’ve noticed a drop in my stress and anger levels.

If that’s not a testament to how hostile of an environment this site can be, sometimes, I don’t know what is.





What the fuck, how did I gain like seven new followers today?

I’m not even that great. ._.



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